It was only a week ago that the exciting news of EBUConnect Awards 2011 was released.  EBUConnect showcases the best in EBU Members’ work in on-screen promotion, presentation, marketing and design.

All EBU members are eligible to enter the awards but upload is possible only until March 17th 2011.

Broadcasters are eligible to enter material that they have produced, or that has been produced for them by a third party. Agencies may not enter the awards directly, in such cases work must be entered by the Broadcaster concerned.
All material entered must have been shown on your channel after March 1, 2010.
EBUconnect AWARDS 2011 opens in nine categories:

1. Best Sports Promo
Any promo/campaign for sports programming, event or season. Maximum duration of entry 120 seconds.
Maximum of 2 versions/examples from the same campaign.
2. Best Documentary, News or Current Affairs Promo
Any promo/campaign for documentary, news or current affairs. Maximum duration of entry 120 seconds.
Maximum of 2 versions/examples from the same campaign.
3. Best Comedy, Reality or Entertainment Promo
Any promo/campaign for a comedy, reality or entertainment programme, including family entertainment, quiz shows, talent shows, live or music shows, sitcoms, comedy sketch shows or stand-up. Maximum duration of entry 120 seconds.   Maximum of 2 versions/examples from the same campaign.
4. Best Movie or Drama Promo
Any promo/campaign for a movie or drama, home produced or acquired. Maximum duration of entry 120 seconds.
Maximum of 2 versions/examples from the same campaign.
5. Best Children’s/Young People Promo
Any promo campaign for a programme or event aimed at people under 18 years old. Maximum duration of entry 120 seconds. Maximum of 2 versions/examples from the same campaign.
6. Best Use of Audio
Any promo/campaign with outstanding sound design (music, sound effects etc). Maximum duration 120 seconds. Maximum of 2 versions/examples from the same campaign.
7.  Best Channel Branding
Any combination of up to 5 on-air elements used to brand a new channel, launched after Jan 1 2010. May include any  elements you deem signifi cant. Minimum 2, maximum 5 related spots. Maximum duration of each spot: 60 seconds.
8. Best Multimedia Campaign
Any campaign for a programme or event which used at least two different types of Media (TV, Radio, Print, Online etc).
Minimum 2, maximum 5 related items from the same campaign. Maximum duration of each spot 60 seconds.
9. Best Design Package
Any combination of elements (excluding programme title sequence) used to brand an event, programme strand or  series. May include TV, Print or Online elements. Minimum of 2, maximum of 5 related spots.
The date of the first broadcast needs to be explicitly stated.
To take part in 2011 EBUconnect competition you have to upload your competition video(s) to the tpc //crosedia platform.  Please send your contact details (name, e-mail and telephone number) to
You will receive an e-mail containing your personal login and the //crosedia URL along with a user manual describing how to upload video.
Video can be uploaded in the following containers, codecs and formats:
Container: AVI, DNxHD, DV, MPEG-4, MXF,
Codecs: AVC Intra 100, DNxHD, DV, H264,
MPEG-2, XDCAM 4:2:2 HD 50

All entries for video and scenic categories must be submitted in 16:9 formats.
If you are entering more than one category, then you must assemble the entries for each category on a separate  upload. (ie: all “Best Channel Branding” entries on a single upload, all “Best Sports Promo” entries on another upload, and so on).
With your individual login it is possible to view your uploaded video trailer and until the entry deadline it is also  possible to delete the video trailer on the platform and upload a new one. Make sure that your video and audio are of transmission quality.
Upload is possible from January 17th 2011 until March 17th 2011.
For further questions or in case of problems e-mail
Please note:
• All submissions become the property of the EBU to be used at their discretion in connection with EBUconnect and as part of the material distributed to participants of the Eurovision Summit. All relevant permissions and copyrights
are assumed to be cleared by the entrant.
• The EBU are not able to return any materials submitted for entry.
• Translations: Due to the international composition of the judging panels, we must request that all non-English language on-air entries provide English subtitles for judging purposes.

Award Terms & Conditions
Submission Instructions
For questions about the categories and other requirements:
Anne Brochot

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